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2014 Online Workshops

Registration opens December 1, 2013


  1. Beth Henderson: Before Bond and Clouseau

  2. Karen MacMurray: How to Promote Your Book Online

  3. Kerri Nelson: The Book Factory

  4. Pepper O’Neal: WordPress for Beginners

  5. Dee Lloyd: Putting the Suspense in Romantic Suspense


  1. Gillian Bagwell : Writing Great Historical Fiction

  2. Suzanne Rock: E-Publishing Or Digital Publishing, Which One Is Right For Me?

  3. Renee Pellegrimo: Blog Site Workshop

  4. Pepper O’Neal: WordPress Advanced


  1. Joni Fisher: Crafting Memorable Dialogue

  2. Cindy Carroll: Social Media for the Writer

  3. Cassandra Carr: Using Layering as an Editing Tool – Take Your Prose from Drab to Fab

  4. Beth Fred: The Art of Blurb Writing


  1. Susan Palmquist: Working With Your Editor

  2. Kat Duncan: Scenes and Sequels 6 weeks

  3. Shannon Donnelly: A Sexy Synopsis The Writer’s ‘Little Black Dress’

  4. Kerri Nelson: The Query Workshop, Two Weeks


  1. Susan Palmquist: Are We There Yet?

  2. Beth Henderson Editing The Heck Out Of Your Manuscript

  3. Pat Haggerty Scrivener for MAC/PC

  4. Alexa Bourne Killer Openings


  1. Kat Duncan Voice Training For Your Character

  2. Tawny Weber The Ins and Outs of Writing Category

  3. Cassandra Carr Author Marketing and Branding – How to Stand Out from the Crowd


  1. Catherine Chant Principles of Good Website Design for Writers

  2. Laurie Sanders An Editor’s View Of The Literary Sales Package – Query Letters, Cover Letters, & Synopsizes

  3. Pat Hauldren Paranormal Genre Workshop

  4. Beth Barany Build Compelling Characters for Readers to Fall in Love With


  1. MM Pollard Sins Against the Sentence and How to Atone for Them

  2. Pepper O’Neal Business on a Shoestring

  3. Beth Barany Book Marketing Essentials

  4. Kathryn Jane PTSD For Fiction Writers


  1. Susan Palmquist Getting ready for NaNoWriMo

  2. Beth Henderson Curing the “What Comes After The First Three Chapters Blues

  3. MM Pollard Apostrophe Apathy and Comma Chaos – Can Punctuation Survive in this Modern Age?

  4. Shannon Donnelly Storytelling


  1. MM Pollard: Write in Passive Voice and Be Passed Over by a Publisher

  2. Alexa Bourne: Finished Now What?

  3. Pepper O’Neal: Bookkeeping For Writers

  4. Dee Lloyd: Making Scenes Come Alive

  5. Laurie Sanders: Deep POV Workshop


  1. Cassandra Carr: Twitter – Part 1 and Part 2 Workshop

  2. Laurie Sanders: Infusing The Romance Novel With Emotional And Sexual Tension

  3. Beth Morrow: Fiction to Freelance in Six Easy Steps

  4. Kathryn Jane: Emergency Preparedness

  5. Barbara Binns: Man Talk Workshop

**No class on the week of Thanksgiving

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