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2013 Online Workshops

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    “Finished…Now What?” Presented by Alexa Bourne

    Writing Regency Workshop Presented by Shannon Donnelly

    Weird West (Steampunk) Presented by Beth Daniels

    You Are What You Say Presented by Kat Duncan



    Witchcraft, Faeries and Wizards Presented by Pat Hauldren

    The Book Factory: Producing Multiple Novels in One Year Presented by Kerri Nelson

    Writing with Scrivener Presented by Pat Haggerty

    Writing Great Historical Fiction Presented by Gillian Bagwel



    From Austen to Aliens – How to Create Classic Tough Chicks Presented by Jacqui Jacoby

    Increase Your Readership: How to Create and Run a Blog Tour Presented by Beth Barany

    “Swear to Tell the Truth”: How to Write Realistic Courtroom/Legal Scenes Presented by Jody Lebel

    The Art of Blurb Writing Presented by Beth Fred



    Technology Basics for Writers Presented by Pat Haggerty

    Not So West But Just As Weird: Weird East (Steampunk) Presented by Beth Daniels

    Show and Tell Workshop Presented by Shannon Donnelly



    Lesson of Firefly: Learning from the works of Joss Whedon Presented by Jacqui Jacoby

    How to Design and Teach an Online Workshop Presented by Catherine Chant

    Seven Deadly Sins of Fiction Presented by Susan Palmquist



    MS Word for Writers Presented by Catherine Chant

    Editing Your Novel from the Inside Out Presented by Beth Barany

    Creating a Captivating Online Presence Presented by Pat Hauldren



    Contests: The Basics Presented by Alexa Bourne

    Q Is For Query, A Is For Aaack! Presented by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

    Male POV: Creating Better Heroes Presented by Sascha Illyvich

    Grammar and Style Basics Presented by Kat Duncan



    Peeling Yourself Off The Wall: Dodging The Writer’s Block Bullet Presented by Beth Daniels

    I Used To Hate Writing A Synopsis, But Not Anymore Presented by Susan Palmquist

    Editing Like a Pro Presented by Pat Hauldren

    Book Promotions for Beginners Presented by Beth Barany



    Candid Confessions Of A Newbie Author Presented by Alexa Bourne

    Behind the Scenes: The Research Before the Book Presented by Jacqui Jacoby

    Writing Romantic Suspense Presented by Rebecca Martinez



    Writing Steamy Sex Scenes: Making Your Readers Beg For More Presented by Suzanne Rock

    Plotting For Pantsers Presented by Beth Daniels

    Developing an Active Voice for Emotional Impact Presented by Kat Duncan

    Avoid The Rough: Turning Your Story Idea Into A Workable Plot With A Broad Strokes Outline Presented by Catherine Chant


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